rough around the edges

I woke up this morning feeling a little rough.

I could easily blame Daylight Savings time for the dark circle under my hazel colored eyes. I could certainly blame the sheets of ice I skied down this weekend for my sore tookus. I could even blame my black roots on the top of my head from the lack of free time to make a hair appointment. 
However, if there is one person I could blame for my rough around the edges appearance, the award would go to our new next door neighbor. 
Remember last year when I wrote this post?  

At the time we didn’t know our next door neighbor, and decided to write her a kind letter asking why she felt unce-unce music was the appropriate choice to get her groove on too at 3am. Don’t worry I offered her a Jack and Ginger first. I do have manners, people. Anyways, after making our balcony comfy this past summer we finally met this mystery neighbor and her name was Miss K. She was very nice and even gave me some of her herbs she grew because she knew I liked to cook. I felt bad for being so judgmental that every time I saw her out on her balcony I made sure to stop and say hello.
Well, fast forward four months later and the unce-unce music stopped, and I hadn’t seen Miss K in a while. Strange? I didn’t realize it at the time, but Miss K had moved out! Wait a minute. She couldn’t even tell me? I thought we were friends. Tear.
I slowly healed and adjusted to life without a next door neighbor. Well friends that was short lived because this morning either Miss K moved back in or she has a twin because at 6:15am all we could hear from our bedroom was unce-UNCE-unce blaring through the walls. W.T.F. I thought Mr. B was going to crash through the wall like the giant Koolaid character. Praise Jesus it stopped after 20 minutes. If the music happens again tomorrow morning, I’m not sure what I will do. Keep your fingers crossed that this was a fluke because lives may depend on it. 
After several cups of coffee, my mental fog began to fade. Luckily it was just in time for me to get dressed for the work day! Phew. 
Purple oxford: Pink
Brown pants: Express
Brown belt: Ralph Lauren
Brown shoes: Antonio Melani

Todays outfit is one of my favorites because of the oxford. I purchased this little fellow at Pink while visiting San Francisco a few years back. I fell in love with this herringbone stitch and cuff links. You know what? After looking at this picture, I really need to upgrade my flats. Any suggestions? 
Moving fashionably along…
I don’t know about you, but this weather is HIGH FIVE fantastic. I feel like a little kid in a candy store with all of this sunshine and outdoor playin’. 

My run in Wash Park this afternoon was splendid. The lake is officially unfrozen and eagerly awaiting boaters, but until then, the mallard ducks will have to do.

Dinner tonight was quick and easy because I wanted Mr. B to have something to eat before he headed to Vail this evening. He is skiing with some of his cousins who are visiting from Wichita, KS tomorrow at Beaver Creek. Sadly, I won’t be joining them because I have to work. Bummer. 
I sauteed some turkey breasts that I had dredged in panko bread crumbs and topped it with a tomato gastrique. For a little green action, I sauteed some kale as well. 
Dinner in 20 minutes. Amen. 

Off to watch the end of the Bachelor!

See ya friends.