dark chocolate monster stacks with orange marshmallow frosting

foodie fridays: pumpkin mousse with candied squash

foodie fridays: peanut butter nutella pie with crispy bacon & crushed golden grahams

foodie fridays: pumpkin brownies with brown sugar icing & candied pecans

spiced apple tater tot crisp with honey whipped cream

pumpkin crescents with cinnamon sugar

foodie fridays: blueberry waffles with brown sugar streusel and blueberry syrup

rocky road nutella bars with candied pistachios

foodie fridays: double chocolate frozen banana tarts

grilled hot fudge sundae doughnuts

foodie fridays: mint chocolate monster bars

vanilla gelato with peach-berry compote & honey whipped cream

pistachio ice cream with brown butter crumble

baked doughnuts with red, white, & blue marshmallow frosting

foodie fridays: spiced indian pudding

manhattan ice cream soda

foodie fridays: mini cherry limeade tarts

blackberry crescents with cinnamon sugar

chocolate mousse with candied pistachios

chocolate chip cookie sandwiches with red miso frosting

foodies fridays: mini angel food cakes with white russian glaze

dulce de leche milkshakes with caramel drizzle

baked doughnuts with chocolate glaze and popcorn

nutella crunch french toast